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3-Methyl-PCP HCL


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3-Methyl-PCP HCL - 1000 gram Pack 1000 gram Pack $10,000.00
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3-Methyl-PCP HCL - 250 gram Pack 250 gram Pack $3,700.00
3-Methyl-PCP HCL - 100 gram Pack 100 gram Pack $1,500.00
3-Methyl-PCP HCL - 50 gram Pack 50 gram Pack $700.00
3-Methyl-PCP HCL - 25 gram Pack 25 gram Pack $400.00


3-Methyl-PCP hydrochloride

3-Methyl-PCP HCL shares many similar properties with 3-MeO-PCP and, of course, PCP itself. Phencyclidine or phenyl cyclohexyl piperidine (PCP) is also known as angel dust. PCP was made in 1926 and brought to the market as an anesthetic in the 1950s. 3-Me-PCP available in the quantities 0,25gr, 0,5gr, 1gr or 2gr. Store the 3-Me-PCP powder in a dry and cool place for maximum shelf-life. Store in a dry and cool place for maximum shelf-life. When handling research chemicals, always take the proper precautions in the laboratory, like wiping down surfaces and wearing gloves, a mask & protective clothing. Definition 3-Methyl-PCP HCLThe definition of 3-Me-PCP is officially known as 3-Methyl-PCP hydrochloride, a rare and brand-new research chemical on the market.

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3-Methyl-PCP hydrochloride, aka 3-Me-PCP, is a brand new research compound, currently available from MrBreakingBad! There are many similarities between 3-Methyl-PCP hydrochloride and 3-Me-PCP, not to mention PCP itself. It was discovered in 1926 and used as an anesthetic in the 1950s.

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Chemistry background info of 3-Methyl-PCP HCL is officially called 3-Methyl-PCP HCL hydrochloride, an uncommon and new research compound available on the industry. 3-Methyl-PCP hydrochloride can be really just actually a derivative of arylcyclohexylamine and stocks many similar possessions together with 3-MeO-PCP and, needless to say, PCP itself.

Purchase this product from us, and you will receive the highest quality powder compound available. Ensure to put away the 3-Me-PCP powder at a cool and dry place for greatest shelf life. Store in a cool and dry place for optimum shelf life. When tackling research compounds, ensure to always choose the appropriate precautions at the lab like wiping surfaces and wearing gloves, a mask and protective clothing. Arylcyclohexylamines are included of an amine moiety along with also an aromatic ring attached with some cyclohexane ring.

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