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2-FDCK HCL, or 2-fluoro-2-fluorodeschloroketamine, has become a popular substitute for ketamine among drug abusers in recent years. Because of its lack of evidence about its abusebuse potential, many countries do not regulate or control 2-FDCK. We tested the abuse potential of 2-FDCK using conditioned place preference (CPP), locomotor sensitization, drug self-administration, and drug discrimination tests, using ketamine as a reference. Two-FDCK induced significant CPP in mice when given a minimum dose of 3 mg/kg, similar to 2-FDCK HCL induced significant CPP in mice when administered a minimum dose of 3 mg/kg of two-FDCK. Acute injections of 2-FDCK or ketamine enhanced locomotor activity at 30 mg/kg. Locomotor sensitization after repeated administrations of 2-FDCK HCLand ketamine. In the same study, 2-FDCK pre promoted administration at 0.5 mg/kg/infusion, the same dose as ketamine, induced the highest seeking response at 1 mg/kg.


2-FDCK is very new and not yet sufficiently studied.

Possible effects and dangers

There has been a recent report of 2-FDCK being found in poisoned individuals in Hong Kong in combination with other ketamine-type drugs[4]. 2-FDCK was not recognized as an impurity since it was present in high concentrations while ketamine was present at trace concentrations. Due to the inaccessibility of the actual drug specimens, it was not possible to verify the authenticity of the reports. The clinically observed effects of the patients were: impaired consciousness, agitation, abnormal behaviour, hypertension and tachycardia.


The full chemical name of 2-FDCK is 2-(2-fluorophenyl)-2-(methylamino)cyclohexan-1-one.

Preparation of 2-FDCK from fluorobenzonitrile.[1]

2-FDCK belongs to a class of compounds called arylcyclohexylamines which contains various other drugs such as PCP and ketamine. Their general structure consists of a cyclohexylamine unit with an aryl group attached to the same carbon as the amine. 2-FDCK has an o-fluorophenyl group as an aryl substituent and the amine group is methylated. The cyclohexyl ring features a ketone group next to the amine position.

The chemical structure of 2-FDCK differs from ketamine only in that there is a fluorine atom attached to the phenyl group. Ketamine has a chlorine atom in that position.


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