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A-PHP CRYSTAL - 250 gram Pack 250 gram Pack $22,500.00
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Buy a-PHP crystals online a stimulant molecule A-PHP, also known as a-Pyrrolidinohexanophenone (alpha-Pyrrolidinohexanophenone, a-PHP, alpha-PHP, or PV7), was created in the 1960s and is a close homolog of its sister substance A-PVP. Its effects are comparable to those of methamphetamine.


Pyrovalerone has a similar structure. We can review the studies conducted on this test chemical. Scientists from the US Environmental Protection Agency conducted the research. EPISuite of the agency and ChemAxon.


A-PHP or PV-7 are other names for alpha-PHP, also known as alpha-pyrrolidinohexiofenone. With the new designer medication Alpha-PHP, you can anticipate a stimulating effect.


It belongs to the cathinone class of stimulants.

A substance like MDPV shares structural similarities with Alpha-PHP (Alpha-PHP-A).

Often, Alpha-PHP (Alpha-PHP-A) appears as a fine powder, but it can also take the form of crystals. These crystals or powders can be bussed to produce a euphoric, stimulating effect.

Alpha-PHP (Alpha-PHP-A) is a brand-new product on the market, and research is ongoing.


The pharmacological characteristics, metabolism, and toxicity are poorly understood. This product is primarily manufactured in China, as is well known.

Effects of Alpha PHP

According to a case report, Alpha-PHP (PHP-Alpha) has fewer unfavorable side effects than its predecessor Alpha-PVP. It results in less anxiety, more exhilaration, and a smoother comedown.

According to users worldwide, this stimulant chemical has the following effects.

Cocaine and methamphetamine have similar effects on the body as Alpha-PHPHP.

Php-Alpha, also known as alpha-PHP, affects the brain’s dopamine levels.

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