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Benzofurans and Benzodifurans

Published Case Reports of 2C-B-FLY Deaths

There are no published reports on deaths caused by  2C-Bexposure in the medical literature.Erowid reports two unconfirmed 2C-B-FLY-related deaths, possibly caused by Bromo-dragon FLY rather than 2C-B-FLY exposure. . A 23-year-old Spanish male who exhibited toxicity after being given 2C-B-FLY was supplied by the same company. The Bromo-Bromo-dragon FLY was reported to be made in China, identified as ‘b1’, and analyzed later.

Overview of Common Designer Drugs

Lilian H.J. Richter, … Hans H. Maurer, in Critical Issues in Alcohol and Drugs of Abuse Testing (Second Edition), 2019

2,5-Dimethoxy Phenethylamine-Type Designer Drugs (2CS)

C-B-FLYs were ingested by two men and a woman in 2009 in California. The 18-year-old male developed a change in attitude, possible seizure, and cardiac arrest 3.5 hours after ingestion. Two other individuals required hospital support prior to completing their recovery [43]. All these derivatives have a phenethylamine backbone with two methoxy groups in positions 2 and 5 of the aromatic ring and they further contain different lipophilic substituents in position 4.

Substance Abuse: Drugs

S.E. Lukas, in Encyclopedia of Mental Health (Second Edition), 2016


The hallucinogens as a class are made up of a broad range of chemicals that affect different brain systems and transmitters, though serotonin is a primary target (Hanks and González-Maeso, 2013). These drugs are all consumed orally and they range from pure plant derivatives to synthetic compounds. The most popular drugs in this class include lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), psilocybin, mescaline, salvia divinorum, and less popular ones like N,N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT), dimethoxybromoamphetamine (DOB), and 2,5-dimethoxy-4-bromophenethylamine (2C-B).

As a group, these substances alter perceptions and thought so that emotions and levels of consciousness are blurred. They are referred to as psychedelics because they tend to unmask what is believed to be in the mind of the individual who uses them.In addition to hallucinations, individuals often report hearing sounds, seeing vivid images, and feeling tactile sensations. Individuals often experience synesthesia, which causes them to ‘see’ colors and hear sounds at the same time.


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