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Carfentanil Crystal


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What is Carfentanil Use Disorder and Addiction

Carfentanil Crystal is usually highly addictive when used regularly. In most cases, addicts take the drug in greater amounts and for longer periods of time than they intended; they wish to quit or cut down on the drug but are unable to do so; they spend a lot of time obtaining the drug; craving or a strong desire to use the drug; repeatedly unable to perform responsibilities at work, school, or home due to the use of carfentanil; continuing to take the drug despite social problems resulting from more severe use; stopping or reducing social, work, or fun activities as a result of abuse.Carfentanil Crystal

Recurrent use of the drug in physically hazardous situations is also a sign of addiction; consistent use of the drug despite knowledge of physical or psychological difficulties from using; physical tolerance as defined by a need for increasing amounts of the drug to achieve intoxication or less effect with continuing use of the drug; and physical withdrawal symptoms or substance use to avoid withdrawal.

Treatment of Carfentanil Use Disorder and Addiction

Moderate to severe Carfentanil Crystal use disorder and carfentanil addiction usually require medical detoxification and inpatient treatment at a partner facility. Accordingly, inpatient treatment separates the user from the drug and related stressors and triggers.Carfentanil Crystal

What is Carfentanil’s Effects on the Brain

Do you know what it’s like to be distracted by something so much that you can’t stop looking at it? Are you preoccupied with hunger and unable to focus on anything but your growling stomach? Having trouble letting go of a relationship? Did you ever wish you could “change the channel” but couldn’t? Is that right? Add 10 or 100 to that feeling. It’s like that with carfentanil addiction. It hijacks our reward centers. It feels right to eat a meal or be with someone you love, doesn’t it? Think about how pleasant it would be. Multiply it by 10 and then by 100. Imagine how great that would feel.

That’s what using carfentanil can feel like to a person struggling with addiction. Using the drug elicits extreme and temporary pleasure. It also elicits extreme and lasting mental pre-occupation.

The pursuit of that pleasure becomes all-consuming for a carfentanil addict. As a result, pleasure chemicals supercharge certain brain connections, while the connections between rational judgment and behavior become much weaker.

The Defensive Brain

When addiction takes hold, the thinking part of the brain becomes preoccupied with getting the “super-pleasure” provided by the drug. A drug addict’s brain perceives cutting back on or quitting the drug as a threat to survival. The brain crafts excuses, making continued drug use seem like the right thing to do. Addicts still think. It is just that the thinking and problem-solving part of the addict’s brain becomes more and more driven to figure out how to keep using the drug, no matter what. Eventually, the obsession with using takes over all the brain’s resources.

What are the Common Side Effects of Carfentanil?

  • Very small or ‘pinpoint’ pupils
  • Dizziness, lethargy, confusion
  • Nausea, vomiting, digestive issues
  • Cold and clammy skin
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