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Roxycodone (Roxicodone)


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What is Roxycodone (Roxicodone) ?

Roxycodone (Roxicodone) is an opiate analgesic painkiller. Your doctor may prescribe Roxycodone when you have moderate to severe pain or sudden breakthrough pain such as the chronic pain caused by neuropathy. It may also be prescribed before surgery, to sedate and sooth you throughout the process.

Like other narcotic drugs from this family, Roxycodone can become addictive when taken for long periods of time. Special care should be taken when using this drug. When taken incorrectly, it dulls the pain receptors in your brain which can also depress your respiratory system, resulting in death.

Like other opioid drugs, Roxycodone can build up in your system causing a tolerance of sorts. After a while, it stops working prompting some patients to increase the dosage to obtain the same pain-numbing effect. This is the beginning of addiction, and unless you seek help to stop abusing the drug, it will eventually take over your life.

Is Someone You Love Addicted?

The Mayo Clinic publishes a long list of symptoms associated with the abuse of opiate analgesic painkillers. If you recognize these symptoms in yourself or in your loved one, it may be signs of a Roxycodone addiction:

person acts sedated, numb or like he’s in a stupor,
experiences lethargy and loss of motivation,
has trouble feeling pain,
seems depressed or confused,
suffers from constipation,
exhibits slowed breathing.
If you notice these symptoms and suspect you or your family member may be addicted to Roxycodone, seek professional help right away.

In addition to the physical changes taking place in a person addicted to painkillers, you may notice a change in behaviors. Addicts frequently “doctor shop” — moving between physicians in varied locations to obtain new prescriptions. They may lie about symptoms, beg family members for access to leftover prescriptions, begin using emergency rooms in different counties as their main source of medical attention, or cajole other family members into lying to obtain prescriptions which they then confiscate. None of these behaviors involve buying drugs outright on the street, but they’re illegal, nonetheless. Even the straightest arrow will wander off course once an addiction takes hold.

What is oxycodone?

How oxycodone works

Oxycodone belongs to a group of pain medications known as opioids. It works directly on opioid receptors in your brain to relieve pain.

What is oxycodone used for?

  • Severe pain that isn’t relieved by alternative treatments
  • Long-term pain – Oxycontin, Xtampza ER

How much does oxycodone cost?

When compared to the brand version, generic Oxycodone may be significantly cheaper. Unless there is a specific reason you need the brand, the generic medication will be a better value. 


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