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U-47700 POWDER 

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U-47700 (Pink)

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Common or street names: Pink, Pinky, U4

What is U-47700 or Pink?

“U-47700 POWDER”, also called “Pink”, “Pinky”, or “U4” on the streets, is a powerful synthetic opioid medication. Small doses can be very toxic or even deadly. U-47700 or “Pink” has been reported to have caused multiple street deaths. Importation into the U.S. is primarily from illegal chemical labs in China.

How is “Pink” sold?

  • Law officials have seized U-47700 on the street in powder form and as tablets. Typically it appears as a white or light pinkish, chalky powder.
  • U-47700 has also been identified and sold on the Internet misleadingly as a “research chemical” at roughly $30 per gram.

Pink (U-47700) is how dangerous?

Fatalities due to Pink U-47700 POWDER) in the United States join the growing incidence of drug overdose or deaths due to prescription opioids and synthetic designer drugs like “spice” and “bath salts.” This drug may be found in combination, knowingly or unknowingly, with other drugs of abuse bought on the streets such as heroin or fentanyl. It has also been confiscated as a separate product.

In one patient who presented to the emergency room, naloxone (Narcan) was administered which reversed respiratory depression and pinpoint pupils.

Where does Pink (U-47700) come from?

These illicit substances appear to originate from overseas, mainly China, and the identity, purity, and quantity of substances in any one product purchased off the street may be unknown. A user may be told the product contains one substance, while in reality, it could contain any dangerous chemical.

Pharmacology of Pink (U-47700)

A novel synthetic opioid agonist, U-47700 (“Pink”), selectively binds to mu-opioid receptors.

  • 3,4-dichloro-N-[2-dimethylamino]-N-methylbenzamide has the chemical designation of 3,4-dichloro-N-[2-dimethylamino]-N-methylbenzamide.

  • The patent and chemical details were available even though it was never commercially available.

  • Because it is a designer drug made in illegal labs, the product’s strength cannot be guaranteed and may be significantly stronger than advertised.

  • Animal studies have shown that the analgesic activity of U-47700 was reduced by naltrexone, an opioid receptor antagonist.



Does Pink show up on drug tests?

There is currently no standard workplace drug screening for U-47700 in the U.S. However, forensics or medical laboratories may request to identify U-47700 using analytical techniques such as gas chromatography and mass spectrometry (GC-MS).

A special technique such as GC-MS must be used to identify U-47700 if in-hospital immunoassays do not identify it.

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The bottom line on Pink


Authorities in many U.S. cities have reported that Pink is sold on the streets or over the Internet, often promoted as a prescription opioid like Norco or as heroin. Many of these products, when confiscated and analyzed, have contained this potent designer drug, as well as fentanyl.



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