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NBOMe is a class of novel phenethylamine psychedelics that all act as potent partial agonists of serotonin 5-HT2A receptors. The “NB” in the name stands for N-benzyl, while the “OMe” stands for methoxy.

An N-benzyl methoxy compound is an N-benzyl methoxy derivative of a 2C compound. A class of phenethylamines called 2Cs is produced by systematically modifying mescaline. These compounds were synthesized by Alexander Shulgin during the 1970s and 1980s. He published his findings in his book, PIHKAL (Phenethylamines I Have Known and Loved). The N-benzyl methoxy structural addition to the phenethylamine backbone results in a significant increase in potency, up to 16 times that of the corresponding 2C compound.


As with LSD, makers typically drop Buy 25I-NBOMe liquid on blotter paper. The powder can also dissolve in water. Snorting Buy 25I-NBOMe produces a more intense and short-lasting psychedelic experience. However, the possibility of both dosing errors and toxic reactions strongly discourages this method. There are several reports of hospitalizations and deaths attributable to intranasal use.


The threshold dose of Buy 25I-NBOMe is 50–250 micrograms; the light dose is 200–600 micrograms; and the common dose is 500–800 micrograms. Any dose above 700–1500 micrograms increases the likelihood of serious adverse effects, including nonfatal intoxication and death.

Within 15 minutes of taking 25I-NBOMe sublingually, it starts to produce an effect. A peak occurs within two hours, followed by a comedown lasting between 1 and 4 hours. There have been reports that the aftereffects of the trip last as long as 1–7 days, and the trip lasts about 6–10 hours in total.


Because Buy 25I-NBOMe is a novel research chemical, its safety, toxicity, and long-term health effects are largely unknown. By 2013, there were 19 deaths attributed to Buy 25I-NBOMe, and this number is even higher today. People with preexisting mental health or heart conditions should not use 25I-NBOMe. The compound can produce vasoconstriction, which may put stress on the cardiovascular system and, in extreme cases, result in cardiac arrest.

Dosing safely.

Overdoses can also be caused by dosing errors, in addition to individual reactions and contraindications.Buy 25I-NBOMe can be difficult to dose without an accurate measuring scale. A blotter dosage that is inaccurate or irresponsible can lead to further complications. High doses have caused several deaths. Start with a light dose to gauge one’s reaction, then titrate up slowly, if necessary. As a general rule of thumb, avoid adverse effects by never dosing more than 1 mg.

Why Do People Use NBOME?

There are some people who use Buy 25I-NBOMe or N-Bombs because they enjoy the way they feel after using them. Aside from its negative effects, NBOMe has the ability to make people feel more excited, sociable, and empathic, and enhance their senses. As well as producing euphoria, increasing creativity, enhancing music, and elevating mood, it can also produce euphoria.

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